Rodeo... an extreme sport

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The Cowboy Association of Eastern Canada is a not-for-profit association, founded in 1993 by a few fans of the sport that is rodeo.

The Association now has 350 members. We have also sanctioned more than 247 rodeos and have given away more than 2 696 455 dollars in purses.

The association's goal is to promote and sanction rodeos. It has its own rules book, with most rules having to do with the well being, respect and health of the animals that participate in the rodeos. Many rules have to do with presentation and clothing to preserve the ethics of the professional cowboy. Also, animal providers must be approved by the Association so that they only provide animals that are healthy and fit.

In every rodeo that the Association sanctions, we count on the participation of competitors of high calibre, in every discipline that we practice. The best rodeos in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes are sanctionned and approved by the Association. In return, the Association assures professionalism and devotion to its people to make every event a "BIG SUCCESS.


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A.C.E.C. 1109 Gaudar (Québec) G3J 0B7

(418) 956-2729

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